What are Your Pet Commemoration Options?

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What are Your Pet Commemoration Options?

According to the Foresight Companies, the average lifespan of cats and dogs is seven years, while according to PetMD, that lifespan is closer to 10 to 15 years. Regardless, while a pet cat or dog will live long enough to see a child grow up, and love them for that entire time, there will come a time when your beloved furry family member lives only in memory. For that time, professionals can help you with a choice of sensitive, love-filled pet memorial products for the animal that you shared your life with.

Memorial Sculptures

These can be as simple as a clay pawprint. The best thing about some of these sculptures is that they can begin while your pet was alive. This will capture some of the liveliness of the animal since many pets will only hold still for a short time while their pawprint is being captured. A sculptor of other media can work with a live photo or a video clip of your animal, allowing you to give them a good likeness to work from as well.

Burial Markers

While intact pet burial isn’t common, these pet memorial products are a dignified way of crafting a backyard memorial shrine. A burial marker containing the pet’s birth and death dates, as well as their name or any nickname they had, can be a simple, humanizing touch. They come in many elegant styles both similar and different from human grave markers.

Pet Loss Gifts

For friends of a family grieving the loss of a pet, gifts can be a sensitive subject for family members. While some families will accept or want tokens to remind them of the animal they lost, some are not so interested in having a constant visible reminder, especially of a pet who was taken suddenly or in its prime. With sensitivity to the memory and preferences of pet families, there are pet memorial products like picture frames, stones, or sculptures that can be considered.

Memorial Urns

Most pets who are euthanized are also cremated. An urn containing your pet’s remains is a simple, dignified way to store the ashes either as a permanent tribute or for a release of the ashes into the wind or water. The urn or the box can be as simple as a cardboard box containing the remains, or a symbolic sculpture.

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