What Are Your Options After Choosing a Horse Cremation?

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What Are Your Options After Choosing a Horse Cremation?

As much as you love your horse, eventually, they will grow old and approach the end of their life. Horses are considered old when they are around the age of 15 to 18 years old. Sometimes your horse might also pass away from sickness, even if they’re still young. If this happens, you will need to decide how you want to cremate your horse. Read on to find out what your options are if you decide to choose equine cremation for your horse..

Private Cremations

During a private equine cremation, your horse will be cremated by themselves, and the remains will be returned to you in an urn. You can receive the remains in a standard urn, or you can choose a decorative one. You will also receive a certificate of cremation.

Partitioned and Group Cremations

Your horse can also be cremated together with other beloved animals that have passed away. With a partitioned cremation, animals scheduled to be cremated will be separated, which means you will be able to get the cremation remains after the service is done. During the cremation, the service provider will ensure that your pet’s remains are kept separate from the other remains. You can also choose a group cremation. As the name suggests, several pets will be cremated together with your horse. You may request that the facility peacefully dispose of the ashes after the cremation or choose to take the ashes with you in an urn.

After Equine Cremation

The remains of your horse will be made available to you as soon as the cremation is done. However, because of the size of your horse, you will notice that the volume of the cremation remains will be much larger than smaller pets. You can also choose not to take the cremation remains with you. If you take the remains with you, you can choose to place them in a larger decorative urn or box. You can also scatter them below your horse’s stall or in a field. Lastly, some people choose to keep their horse’s remains in a pet cemetery.

Some cremation services sell decorative urns or boxes. You can choose one of these for packing your horse’s cremains. Some people will also go on to pick out jewelry or artwork as a way of honoring the memory of their horse. For more information on what to do with your horse’s cremation remains or to learn more about your options for equine cremation, contact In Memoriam Pet Services today.

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