What Are the Benefits of a Biodegradable Urn?

biodegradable urn

What Are the Benefits of a Biodegradable Urn?

Our pets are our close companions, and when they pass on, it is only fair to give them a sendoff befitting to a close, loyal friend. It is everyone’s wish to give a warm farewell to their pets after we lose them, and this is what an urn will help you do. Read on to see some benefits you would enjoy if you settled for a biodegradable or eco urn for your pet.

Fully Natural

With an increased awareness of the environment, it is great that the burial of a loved one can be made fully natural and have a low impact on the environment, all while taking up minimal space. There are even options to have the seed of a tree of your choice enclosed in the eco urn so that after you put it in the ground, a tree will sprout up in memory of the beloved.

Simpler to Scatter the Ashes

Seeing the ashes while scattering them can be an emotional experience for some people. With an eco urn, the ashes will end up in the ground without this display, making the process gentler for everyone in attendance.

Make for a Memorable Experience

You can get a biodegradable urn in different designs and colors. Eco urns also come in different materials, so you can choose one that completely embodies the spirit of your former pet. With options in gelatin, bamboo, unfired clay, paper, and even curved from a solid block of salt, you can give your pet a fitting sendoff.

Travel Friendly

Sometimes, it is necessary to travel with the cremated remains of your beloved pet. Compact, secure, and light, a biodegradable urn is also easy to x-ray so it won’t present an issue with airport security.

Preserve Land Space

Being fully biodegradable means that once buried, eco urns decompose fully and integrate with the earth. They return minerals to the earth rather than leech chemicals and other poisonous materials.

In a survey, up to 45% of pet owners say the loss of their pet was unexpected. To help ease the pain of losing your pet, you can go for a biodegradable urn which will allow you to hold them close for a while longer before releasing them back to nature to complete the cycle of life.

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