How Does Pet Cremation Work?

How Does Pet Cremation Work?

Your pet is far more than just an animal. It’s a friend and a family member that has spent many hours by your side or on your lap. Even though we know their lifespans are shorter than ours, having one pass away, whether naturally or after being put to sleep to end suffering, can be emotionally devastating. A pet cremation service can help you get some closure. How does it work, though? We’re here to help you understand.

The Pet Cremation Process

As far as the cremation goes, the equipment used to cremate your pet gets very hot. According to Canine Journal, the cremation chamber reaches temperatures ranging between 1,400 and 1,800 degrees. This extreme heat and a subsequent process of pulverization will turn your pet’s remains into fine ash.

The Types of Pet Cremation

There are several types of cremation services. If you want to receive your pet’s ashes, it can be done in a private pet cremation service. The cremation device will be cleaned beforehand so that there are no other pet ashes. If you don’t want your pet’s ashes, you could opt for a communal one, where several animals are cremated at once.

The Payment Process

How much you pay for the pet cremation service will depend on your location, the size and weight of your pet, if you want your pet’s ashes, and what kind of urn you want for them. You might be charged for the transporting of your pet back and forth if that is something you require. Talk with your vet and pick the best options for you, and be sure to take into consideration any special requests you may have during this time.

We understand losing a pet is heartbreaking. When we receive yours, we will do the cremation process with dignity and sensitivity. Then, if you choose, we will put the ashes in the container of your choice and send them to you so that you can have both your pet and their memories in your home. Contact us to learn more so we can answer any questions you may have.