How Do Pet Memorials Proceed?

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How Do Pet Memorials Proceed?

If you’re interested in pet memorial services, you might have questions about what to expect. This list below will help you understand the process. Consider this process if your pet memorial services are looming in the near future.

Starts With Cremation or Burial

You can choose to either bury or cremate your pet. Burial will require a grave, while cremation needs an urn of some kind to store the ashes. Decide if you want to keep them in your home or scatter them elsewhere, such as in a special location that holds meaning for you and your pet. For instance, according to PetMD, the average cat lives between 13-17 years. If you spent your cat’s life together in a certain location, that might be the perfect place to spread your pet’s ashes.

Memorial Service

You have the option to hold a memorial service for your pet. This can involve friends and family, who can help celebrate the life of your pet. You could also hold a virtual memorial service or an online ceremony if desired. Consider the type of music that your pet may have liked, which could be played in the background during the ceremony. For instance, if your dog loved rock music, having music and even videos from their favorite artist could be a nice way to remember them.

Tributes and Keepsakes

Creating tributes for your pet is an important part of your pet memorial services. You can set up photos around the room, or create a photo album with pictures that span your pet’s life. You can also create a piece of artwork, either from someone else or with your own hands. Writing down fond memories is another way to keep the memory of your pet alive and cherished. You might even consider creating a memorial plaque, which could be placed in the ground near their grave.

Grief Counseling and Support

The loss of a pet can be an emotionally difficult time. If you need extra support during this period, consider speaking to a grief counselor or attending pet bereavement support groups. It’s easy to find online resources as well, such as articles with tips on how to cope with the loss of your furry loved one. During or after your pet’s memorial services, remember to take time for yourself and find ways to cope with the grieving process.

Pet memorial services can be a great way to honor the memory of your furry friend. By understanding the process of pet memorials, you can make those few moments special and meaningful in all the right ways. For help or more information, call us today.