Healing From Your Pet Loss Grief

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Healing From Your Pet Loss Grief

Losing a pet is a deeply painful experience for many people. Pets are part of the family, often a constant companion over a number of years. So, when you lose this companion, you can feel their absence keenly. This is very common, with 12% of pet owners who have lost pets over the past three years stating that they are still intensely grieving. If you need some help healing from pet loss grief, here are three ways to help you through it.

Allow Yourself to Grieve

It is essential that you let yourself feel your feelings. Pet owners are often encouraged to move on quickly. They’re told it’s just an animal and that it’s alright to be sad for a little while, but then they need to cheer up. Don’t worry about what other people think. Give yourself the space you need in order to grieve. If you allow yourself to feel the pain, it will be easier to heal from it afterward. Grief is love, which is why it is always a good thing to allow yourself to feel grief, because in doing so you will allow yourself to feel the love for your pet and eventually think of their memory without pain.

Hold a Memorial Service

A memorial service is a great way for pet owners to say goodbye to their beloved pets. These can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. A memorial service will allow you and your family to express your sorrow at the loss of your pet. You’ll devote that time specifically to remembering them and feeling the love and sadness after their passing. Having a service lets you express your grief externally as well as feel it inside.

Don’t Rush to Adopt Again

Many pet owners feel pressured to adopt another pet quickly after the loss of the previous one. This is a bad idea. You might have trouble connecting with the new pet or it might make the loss of the previous pet even harder. So don’t rush to adopt a new pet after the death of your last one. Take your time and focus on healing from your grief first. Once you’re ready, you can consider bringing a new pet into your family.

Pet loss grief is a complex emotional state that can take some time to heal. By being kind to yourself and allowing the space for that healing to happen, you are more likely to emerge from it in a healthy way. Take these steps and apply them to your life. It will give you a way to get started healing from pet loss grief.

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