Finding a Trustworthy Memorial Pet Service

Finding a Trustworthy Memorial Pet Service

Your family pet is a very active and significant member of your family. Many pet owners understand the value of the unconditional love and companionship that dogs, cats, and other pets provide and choose to honor them with memorial services.

Memorial services for pets generally refer to options for preserving your memory of your beloved pet. Those options include paw prints made with your pet’s paw creating an impression with ink on paper or in a small plaster plaque. You also could bury your pet outside of your home or buy an urn that contains ashes if you choose pet cremation services.

Two Cremation Options Available

Pet cremation is a very caring way to dispose of your pet’s body if you do not prefer a burial. The process is done in a respectful and sanitary manner that could enable you to honor your pet’s memory afterward.

Communal Cremation

A communal cremation is one in which your pet’s remains are placed with others before going into the incinerator. The process is efficient and done in a dignified manner, but you do not receive the ashes afterward.

Individual Cremation

An individual cremation returns your pet’s ashes to you because only your pet is cremated and not others. The process costs a little more than a communal creation, but you can preserve your pet’s memory by placing ashes in a decorative urn or performing memorial services and disposing of them in your preferred manner.

Home Pet Burial Is Not Always an Option

Many people live in homes that have yards and enable pet burial. Many more do not live in homes with yards and cannot do a pet burial. If you do not have a home burial location, you might choose a pet cemetery that lets you bury your pet with a marker or headstone.

When no burial options exist, one of the two cremation options often is the most viable alternative to pet burial.

Many Pet Owners Choose Pet Cremation Services

Officials with The Foresight Companies say about 1.5 million pet cremations happen every year. Some people choose communal cremations while others opt for an individual cremation to that they can retain their beloved pet’s ashes for memorial purposes.

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