Coping with Pet Loss: Finding Solace in Pet Cremation and Memorialization

Coping with Pet Loss: Finding Solace in Pet Cremation and Memorialization

Pets often are regarded as integral parts of the families that keep them and in many cases are the best companions people ever will have. Unfortunately, pets do not have nearly the same life expectancy as their owners, which means most will pass on before their owners do. When a pet dies, owners have two options. Those options are a pet burial or a pet cremation, which is the choice most pet owners prefer, according to Pulvis. Here’s a closer look at the benefits of pet cremation and memorialization.

Choose Between Two Kinds of Cremation Services

A pet cremation happens in one of two ways. You either can pay to have your pet cremated by itself or as part of a communal cremation. Communal cremation means your pet will be cremated along with other pets, but you do not receive any of the ashes. Communal cremation is more affordable, but many choose to have their pets cremated alone so that they can obtain the ashes afterward.

Decide on Memorialization Methods

When you choose a pet cremation service that returns the ashes to you, it often includes options to help you to memorialize your beloved pet. The options often include a paw print done in ink or one that is set in plaster. You also could order a special urn that might have a memorial inscription and your pet’s name. A framed remembrance also might include a photograph of your pet and a lock of its hair.

Honor Your Pets at Home

However you choose to memorialize your beloved pet, you can provide it with a place of honor at your home or choose a small burial site for the ashes. You might even choose to conduct a memorial service with your family members to help convey your lost pet’s importance and how much you loved and respected it. Whatever you choose to do, a pet cremation helps to make it possible.

Take the Pet’s Remains With You

Another benefit of cremation is that you can bring the urn and other memorial items with you if you move to a new home. You can carefully pack your pet’s ashes and urn and take them with you. Once you are at your new home, you could create the same memorial display that you had in your prior home.

You can learn more about pet cremation and memorialization services by calling and scheduling the cremation service. We’re here to help you through this difficult time.