Burials vs. Cremations: What’s the Best Option for Your Pet?

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Burials vs. Cremations: What’s the Best Option for Your Pet?

Losing a pet can be devastating. When a beloved pet dies, it can bring much grief. To assuage your grief, giving your pet a decent send-off may help. You can give your pet a dignified farewell by opting for pet cremation or burial. If you’re uncertain which option to opt for, read on to learn more about both options.

Pet Burials

Pet burials are one way you can bid your pet farewell. There are two types of pet burials -– home burials and cemetery burials.

Home Burials

Home burials can allow you to bury your pet at home. They’re a great way to keep your pet close and etched in your memory. They can also allow you to hold memorial services to commemorate your pet’s life. Home burials can also allow you to erect a pet burial marker within your backyard to serve as a living memorial.

While they are a noble way to give your pet a dignified send-off, they do come with some challenges. First, home burials have to comply with local laws and regulations. Before you can bury a pet on your property, you’ll have to check whether you’ve conformed with state or county laws. Additionally, finding an appropriate location to bury your pet can be difficult. It can be particularly challenging if you have a large pet, such as a horse. In such circumstances, a large pet cremation would be better.

Cemetery Burials

Cemetery burials are an alternative pet burial option. Unlike home burials, you won’t have to worry about complying with city laws and regulations. Additionally, when you bury your pet in a cemetery, you can rest assured that your pet’s remains will remain undisturbed. However, pet cemeteries can be pricey, and you may have to travel long distances to visit your pet. And like home burials, burying large pets in a cemetery can be difficult, making large pet cremation a more viable option.

That said, let us now examine pet cremation and why it is the number one choice of aftercare for pets.

Pet Cremation

Pet cremations are a good alternative to pet burials. If you have limited space on your property, they are a good way to bid your pet farewell. Holding a large pet cremation is especially ideal if you have a large pet like a horse.

Additionally, if you aren’t willing to splurge on a cemetery burial, cremations are a good way to give your pet a dignified farewell since they cost far less.

During a pet cremation, your pet’s body is put in an incinerator and turned to ash. Once turned into ash, you can choose what to do with the ashes. While many pet owners opt to scatter the pet’s ashes rather than keep them, you can also choose to put them in a biodegradable urn. Pet urns are a good way to preserve your pet’s memory, and you can choose a pet urn that blends with the decor in your home.

Give Your Pet a Dignified Farewell

The sudden loss of a pet can be difficult. Let us help you during this trying time by giving your pet a decent farewell. To learn more about large pet cremation and our other pet cremation services, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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