Biodegradable Pet Urns

biodegradable urns

Biodegradable Pet Urns

We all love our pets. For many of us, our pets are similar to our children. But the unfortunate reality is that there are hard truths and painful experiences that come with owning a pet. Every pet owner will someday experience the loss of a pet. As difficult as this subject is in general, for many it becomes even more difficult if they do not have a plan in place. Just as with human beings, the loss of a pet comes with funerary needs.

It’s estimated that there are about 1.9 million pet funerals each year. In turn, 99% of those pet funerals result in cremation. Cremation is simpler for most pet owners than a burial, and they can decide what they want to do with the ashes afterward. For most, this will mean using some kind of urn. But not all urns are meant to be kept permanently. Below, we’ll explore biodegradable urns and what they can offer pet owners.

What Are Biodegradable Pet Urns?

An urn is essentially a vessel for cremains and can be either rather simple or quite elaborate. While some urns are meant to be permanent, biodegradable urns were created to allow the pet owners to return their pets’ cremains to the earth eventually.

What Are the Types of Biodegradable Urns?

There are two types of biodegradable urns. The first is a water-soluble urn, which would usually be made of recycled paper, rock salt, or sand, as well as gelatin. This will be placed in the water, and eventually sink below and break apart. If a pet owner has special memories that pertain to a specific body of water, they may find it comforting to use this type of urn.

The other type of biodegradable urn is meant to degrade over time in soil. While it might not be an option for you to bury your pet, you could potentially bury a biodegradable urn. This is often a better option for owners of a large pet.

The good thing about such urns is that they also can allow pet owners to bury most of their pets’ cremains while retaining some to be scattered or kept in a smaller urn. Biodegradable urns decompose quickly and allow pet owners to say goodbye in the way that they think is appropriate, on their own timeline. Reach out to In Memoriam Pet Services to discuss your needs with a compassionate expert.

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