All About Biodegradable Pet Urns

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All About Biodegradable Pet Urns

Pets are loved and cherished as members of the family and when a pet passes, it can be a time of strong emotions. There are many pet memorials options to honor their memory. Some families opt for a traditional pet urn and keep the ashes with them in the home. Other families want to do something unique with some or all of the cremated ashes of their beloved pet. Biodegradable burial pet urns are a perfect option for an environmentally friendly memorial option. With time, these urns break down; letting your furry friend become part of the earth in a sustainable matter.

What Is A Biodegradable Pet Urn?

Because of a rising population that is more eco-conscious, more and more biodegradable urns are being introduced each year. This option is also available for pets. Many biodegradable burial urns are made from bamboo or wood. An example of a biodegradable burial urn is one made completely from bamboo. This attractive and unique urn will not biodegrade until it is placed in the ground. This means that they can keep the urns for as long as you want, and then can be disposed of. Many biodegradable pet urns for pets can come with nice designs or be custom-built in the way you want.

How Long Do They Last?

The rate of degradation depends on many things. The speed of having wood urns biodegrade depends on the soil conditions where it is buried, type of wood, the thickness of the wood, if there was any type of finish applied, and if there were any glues used in its production. The rate of degradation for wood or bamboo urns will range from 1 year to 20 years after being buried. There are also biodegradable water urns and biodegradable tree urns. Water urns break down much quicker, in up to 15 mins. The tree urn is used to grow a tree with the ashes and the process can take anywhere from 1-10 years.

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