4 Tips for Moving on to a New Pet

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4 Tips for Moving on to a New Pet

Being a pet owner might seem easy, but there’s nothing harder than losing an animal you have loved for so many years. Some people grieve so hard that they can’t own a new one for years, and that’s perfectly fine. But a home without a furry loved one seems lacking in many ways. Luckily, we have some tips so that you can move on to a new pet without forgetting your old one. Let’s find out more!

1. Take Your Time to Grieve

Grieving is a vital part of moving on for a pet owner. You have to take time to mourn the loss of your beloved pet before you can even think of moving on to another one. Most people try to ignore it or try to move on too quickly. Suppressing your feelings is never the answer, although some people do it because they think it’s silly to cry over an animal. But it’s perfectly valid to grieve about that loss.

2. It’s Not Your Fault

A pet owner might blame themselves if their animal gets sick or an accident happens, but it’s never your fault. You can dwell on the idea that if you brought your pet to the vet sooner, things would be different. Don’t feel guilty about their loss. It’s just a part of life. Most pets are not meant to live as long as humans, and that’s someone you signed up for in an adoption.

3. Make a Memorial

There are many rituals around the world when a person dies, and these were created to allow people to mourn their loved ones. Unfortunately, most people don’t do anything when their pet dies. However, it’s a great way of moving on. You can hold a funeral or build a memorial for your furry loved one. You can plan anything that will help you remember them well without causing you too much sadness.

4. Moving on to a New Pet

Finally, it’s time to move on to a new pet. Some people go to a store and pick a new dog or cat. But a great way of moving on is by giving a rescue pet a home. It’s worth looking into, and shelters have become even better over the last decades. Most shelters in America have become no-kill facilities. The percentage went from 24% in 2016 to 48% in 2021. You would be giving an animal a second chance at life, and a “forever home” that loves them dearly.

Moving on is a process, and you have to take it slowly and never rush or feel ashamed of your feelings. And remember that if you’re having trouble after your pet dies, you can always call a pet cremation service for help. Contact us today for more information.