Pet Memorial Products

Biodegradable: Paw Pods


How PawPods Started

On the day I made the difficult decision to euthanize my beloved dog, my wishes were to bury my pet at home. In my state of mind during that stress, I incorrectly made assumptions about “how” my dog would be returned for burial. I was wrong. I was anything but “prepared”. My little companion was returned in a glorified plastic bag.  It bothered me and I couldn’t let go of this horrible experience. I decided to create a company to provide a better way for pets to come home, whether they will be buried or cremated.

After several years of research and development, PawPods was created. Since I’m a “green” kind of guy, I didn’t want to make a product that added to the environmental problems. It would have to be 100% green, sustainable and biodegradable. But unlike like so many “pet caskets” I wanted sturdy, strong construction — not flimsy paper. “PawPods” was created with these goals in mind and our pet urns and pet pods or burial caskets are created out of sustainable bamboo and rice husk. There are no artificial colors added, and that is why they resonate a natural ‘golden’ color.

The nature of the materials allow paints and markers to adhere nicely so they can be decorated. Children paint them and receive therapeutic benefit from doing so. We know that you may not need us right now; but we want to be there when you do. We hope you will consider getting a PawPod when the time comes and your it’s your pet’s time — or even plan in advance so certain decisions are not made on one of the worst days of your life. We never want any family to experience what ours did.


Ben Riggin President / CEO


A heart shaped pet urn is a nice pod product to create a suitable tribute for a large cat or small to medium sized dogs and measures 55 cubic inches. Your pet’s remains will be safe and sound, while staying close to  your heart. There is space on the top and sides to personalize or decorate the urn if you choose. Many people paint their pet’s name and children enjoy drawing images and their pet’s name using paints or markers.

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