What Should I Do With My Pet’s Ashes?

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What Should I Do With My Pet’s Ashes?

Losing a beloved pet is a tough experience to go through. Not only have you lost a close companion, but you also have to plan a proper sendoff for them. If you have already decided on pet cremation, that is one item you can tick off of your list. Read on to see a few ideas of what you can do with your pet’s ashes once you receive them from the crematorium.

Scatter Them

This traditional method is also the most popular one for most people after the pet cremation of their beloved companion. You could do this at a vacation destination, camping or hiking spot, park, or even your own yard. Because most pets love the outdoors, placing them back in nature is a fitting sendoff.

Bury Them

You can also choose to bury your pet in your yard or a place that was special to them. With burial, you have the option of using a biodegradable urn, and even having a seed placed within it so that once buried, you grow a beautiful tree in memory of your pet. A water burial for your pet is another popular option, and one which may involve scattering the ashes in the water, or placing them in a special urn that will gently disperse the ashes in the water after floating for a few minutes.

Keep Them At Home

You may choose to keep your pet close by forever by placing their ashes in a decorative urn and taking it back home with you. Memorialize them in an urn right at home, which is possible to do thanks to the availability of different sizes and types of urns. There are also companies that enable you to place your pets’ remains in an urn that will grow into a beautiful indoor bonsai tree inside a gorgeous, quality, porcelain urn. This option is great because in case you have to move, you can take it with you, and place it in your new place.

With a survey sharing that up to 12% of pet owners who lost their pet in the last three years said that they are still grieving intensely, it is clear to see what an impact losing a beloved pet can have. Fortunately, with pet cremation, there are many ways you can memorialize them and give them a loving farewell.

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