I Kept My Promise

I Kept My Promise

In our earlier years, I suffered “user error” riding Pops. Luckily he was OK, but I came close to leaving this Earth. He stood over and protected me. Even a year later, he still watched over me, knew when I was in pain and would politely let me know it was time to dismount. My son would step into the saddle and he would go into full competition mode. Earlier in my recovery, I just spent time with Pops in his stall reassuring him he did nothing wrong. My injury was my fault. I trusted him more than ever. I promised no matter what happened in my life, I would always care for him. He would never have worry about falling into the hands of horse traders or at a truck headed to slaughter. He would have a home and good pastures to roam, surrounded with love and great retirement.

There was never a moment that my trust or faith waivered in him. He carried me, my son, a couple of friends and even some of their children over the years. It hurts to come home now; pains me to look out at our humble barn and wrenches my heart to walk in the pastures; they are empty now. The weight of losing him is crushing. At the same time, I know how lucky I have been to have the best horse God placed on Earth. He was a gentleman, careful, thoughtful, hard working, honest, with the BIGGEST heart…He gave everything and in turn I gave everything to him. No words can sum up the years of love that existed between us…but much like the Velveteen Rabbit, he was so well loved, he was worn and tattered.

For a while now, I’ve tried to prepare myself this day would come and knew the pain would be unimaginable, but I was wrong…it’s worse. But I also know, the best moments of my life were mounted on his back, grooming him for hours, cleaning his stall, scratching his sweet spots, rubbing his ears and covering his eyes so he could comfortably rub his eyes. I have so many wonderful memories of our time together.

Now he has his wings and Heaven has gained a magnificent horse. Because of you Pops, my heart beats in a three beat gait. It has been my honor to care for and love you, and I am forever grateful for all the lessons you taught me. I’m a better human because of you. Rest in peace Pops. You will always be remembered with love and fondness. I loved you with all my heart.

In his last breaths, I whispered in his ear, “I kept my promise”. He knew.

AQHA Brownie’s Snipper
FOALED 6/4/1987 – Crossesd the Rainbow Bridge 2/14/2023

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