For My Cat

For My Cat

My Orange-White cat passed away this ev’ning
Was way too young. Why’d he have to go?
Gone so suddenly, without warning
Someday perhaps I’ll know…

Abandoned kitten, my daughter found him
Scruffy, half bald, barely weaned
He grew up strong afraid of nothing
Sixteen pound, lean hunting machine

He was a skilled, but gentle giant
Flying squirrels, and owls caught unscathed
Through his private entrance in wee hours
Just new friends brought home to play

He was surely the king of his jungle
Ruled the dog with a tender paw
Not a mean bone in his body
As he laid down his gentle law

He’d softly wake me in the morning
A delicate claw grazing my cheek
“Wake up my human. Where’s my breakfast?
The sun is up, no time for sleep”

Curled up and snoring on my chest
Never a cat-nap taken alone
On dark days he was my guardian angel
Guess the good Lord called him home

Always there, a Steadfast Shadow
Quiet Confidant, Best Faithful Friend
I will always miss our good times together
Blue skies my friend, ‘till we meet again…

-Thomas C. Pomeroy

In Memoriam Pet Services office will be closed on Monday May 27th in honor of Memorial Day. We are available for emergencies.