DJ, you entered our lives as the little sibling we wanted for Vishal. I vividly remember the day when we brought you home at just 3 months old. You were so tiny and unsure, you didn’t even know how to climb the steps, and I would carry you up. It was an instant connection between us.

What struck me was the date of your birth; it happened to be the same as a very special person in my life. I couldn’t help but feel that you were sent to us as a unique gift. Vishal was overjoyed to welcome you into our home; you became his little brother and a baby to all of us. You were our first dog, and we were thrilled to have you.

I still remember those afternoons when Vishal would come home from school and immediately take you out for a walk, as mom and dad often came home late. You brought an incredible amount of joy to our lives. It seemed like you won everyone’s hearts with your endearing mischievousness. One of your favorite antics was snatching our socks, and you were incredibly swift at it. All my family members embraced you as one of their own. You had your “Chithi,” nieces, nephews, and “grandpa,” and the bonds you formed with each of them were heartwarming.

Your love for Stella, our neighbor’s pet, was heartwarming. It amazed us how deeply you cared for her. Even in the presence of big dogs, you never showed fear and often stood your ground. The only big dog you’d play with was Bailey, and he would gently lie down to reach your level. Your boundless energy brought so much laughter and playfulness into our home. We loved chasing you around, and you reveled in all the attention we showered on you.
I remember the times you endured the pain of injections, showing your strength and remarkable spirit. During our walks, You would often turn around to make sure that everyone who had joined our walk was coming along with us. You are a responsible and caring leader, ensuring that no one got left behind.

We cherished every moment with you, and your presence filled our lives with happiness. DJ, we love you dearly, and your memory will live on in our hearts forever. We miss you very much and it hurts but the love and joy you brought into our lives will never fade.