Foaled:  March 5, 1996-Iowa     Laid to Rest Sept. 17, 2020-Virginia


Azul, the Spanish word for blue,

She had one blue eye.

She was a chestnut with white stockings,

She had a little streak of Appaloosa stubborn

She would step on your foot,

Her Appaloosa Horse Club registered name was Excoosa Miss.


She reared once,

Startled by a motorcycle that revved its engine behind her.

I hunted her with the Rappahannock Fox Hunt,

This Hunt more fondly known as “Rappa-Hang-On”

She flew like the wind. . . .

The faster we went the smoother she was,

‘Til I could barely feel her back beneath me,

Only the wind in my face. . . .

She always took care of me.


She leaped into streams when other horses quivered on the bank.

Once, stepping over a log, she scared a resting turkey,

The turkey flew from under the log and under her belly up past my head,

Her response to this sudden flurry of activity?

Only to look at it, as if to say, “I wasn’t gonna step on you!”


She taught Mark to ride

He took her on trail rides out into the woods.

He made her do things she didn’t want to do,

Like stand to open a gate.

He cut cattle with her,

An old cowboy once said of her, “she is very ‘cowy’

Nothing stood in her way

She loved Mark and he loved her.



Kids loved her,

I put children on her back

She always took care of them,

They always dismounted with a smile on their face.

She loved to take afternoon naps in the sun

She LOVED carrots

And she LOVED to have her belly scratched.


We will forever love her. . . . . . . .